Boni Kapoor Breaks Down Talking About Sridevi: Video Got Viral

janhvi kapoor Boney kapoor Bollywood Tower
janhvi kapoor Boney kapoor Bollywood Tower

Sridevi was the most precious gift for her husband Boney Kapoor. It took him a time of 10 years just to express his feeling for Sridevi. But now when Sridevi is no more with him, he is very emotional talking about her every time he interacts with media. Sridevi got the national award for the best actress for her performance in MOM. Boney Kapoor along with her daughters Janhvi and Khushi received the awards on her behalf last week at Delhi. When Boney Kapoor was talking to media, he got a bit emotional talking about her late wife Sridevi.

When a reporter asked him “How much he miss Sridevi on this occasion when she got the national award”. His reply was bit emotional. He said-

When we came to know she got the national award for her performance in MOM, we felt really proud. We have been missing her. she has left us. If she would have been here (He got bit emotional while saying these lines, later he controlled himself) she would be as proud as we are. I must thank the government of India, the team to recognise her work. She worked for almost 50 years and has done almost 300 films.

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He further added-

What better honour than this but perhaps it was not in her destiny to receive this honour for herself. That is why we are here to receive this honour on her behalf.

When asked about her daughter Janhvi and Khushi, he said-

They miss their mom every moment. But no one can fight with destiny and we have to live with it. I have to play the role of both father and mother(Again he got a bit emotional).

Talking about the debut of her daughter Janhvi Kapoor, he said-

She is going to debut in the Hindi film industry and I hope the way people love my wife they will give the same love and support to my daughter.

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When Boney Kapoor was interacting with media, Janhvi Kapoor reached the same place. When she was asked to give her reaction on her mother, she said-

We both(Janhvi and Khushi) feel really proud of this award. She(Sridevi) has put the hard work to this role and I am happy Government of India recognise her work. I do not want to talk about this anymore.

Well, the whole family still getting emotional while talking about Sridevi even after 3 months of her death.

Here is the video in which Boney Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor talking about Sridevi. Check it out

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