Bollywood Stars Fee per film is a big threat for the Bollywood Industry : Bollywood Tower Exclusive

bollywood stars fee bollywoodtower
bollywood stars fee bollywoodtower

Bollywood stars fee per film always create a curiosity not only for audience but for the B-town also . Everyone who love cinema wants to know how much their favorite stars are charging per film .There was a time when  star used to charge in thousands .Then there was time when star used to charge in lakhs and then in crores . Now bollywood stars charging in multi crores . In the coming few years ,may be 3-4 years ahead when stars fee will cross 100 cr .

Amitabh Bachchan was the first star to charge 1 cr fee but now a days almost every star is charging at least above 1 crore . Budget of the film is increasing , box office collection are increasing ,so the star price is increasing .

Why Stars Fee per film is threat for the industry

well in the past few years , multiple studio shut down just because they are not pay their loan . They made the movie on high budget with big star .But the movie did not work out . Their cost of return was so low that they are not even able to recover the production cost .

Disney and Bala ji film which were big production house at a time does not exist any more . Bala ji and Disney gave flop films one after the other . The problem never been a flop but the problem is always a high budget .

A famous Quote about the film industry ” A film never fails Budget Fails “.

But how these budget go so high ??

Is everyone is responsible for high budget ??

Is everyone charging high ??

The answer of all these question is star price . Only one person who is responsible for high budget huge star price .

Writer are still struggling to get payment which can at least run their house . Writer is the man because of which everyone has a job . Just because he wrote something produce has something to produce . Director has something to direct . Star got a project because writer wrote it . Every technician , camera man , every person on the set around 300-400 people have job just because of writer .  he does not only  write a  scrip,he created employment for 300-400 people . But the same man get payment of 3-5 lakh .

Is this some kind of joke ??

everyone talk about to promote the writer . No body does .

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When movie become a huge hit , all credit goes to star . Every one will work on the same price . Star will double their , triple their price .

And this is the reason why our industry under threat . Star rise their price budget become high and risk is high .

Risk is high only for industry and for the people who are working in it excluding star . They dont have high risk , they already got paid so much . If movie become hit they got remuneration .   But if movie flopped they got nothing to do with it .

There was a time when people used to watch the movie because of salim javed . If that time will come again , there are chances for the industry to grow . There are chances for producing quality cinema which we can present at international level . But I dont think that time will come soon ??? what you think …justify this in comment section .

Lets have a look at the price which Bollywood Stars charge per film 

Recently a news creating a buzz in the industry about one star price .

who is he ?? he is a star who 5-6 films old . can you imagine how much he charged for his next film ??

well he charged 32 cr for his next film .

He is neither a great actor nor he deliver some extra ordinary performance . Then why he is charging so much and why producer paying so much ??

well this new born superstar who is charging 32 cr for his next film is Varun Dhawan .

Now imagine about his last film in which he acted . What extra he did ??

I kept it to audience and producer sense to understand it .

Salman khan and aamir khan are charging almost equal . They charge around 50 cr per film and 50% share in profilt .So arithmatically they are charging more than 100 cr for their hit film .

Sharukh khan is charging in the range of 35-40 cr and same 50% share in profit .

Akshay Kumar fees is always a matter of concern . He charged around 40-45 cr .

Ajay devgan charged 35 cr per film .

Ranveer singh is charging 15 cr per film . But it seems he is definitely going to increase his price after padmaavat  .

Ranbir kapoor fees always flactuates and right now he is charging 25 cr . But after ye jawani hai deewani he charged 35 cr for Beshram and Bomabay velvet . Rest is history .

Shahid also hiked his price after padmavat and he is charging 15 cr per film .

Hrithik roshan is charging 45 cr per film . He is doing very few film but still in demand.

well these numbers looks imaginary but they are actually getting these imaginary numbers . They think they are the only one who are responsible for the success of the film .what you think share your opinion . If you agree with point of concern mentioned in the article share it on social media .

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