Bollywood Breaking News

Bollywood is one of the most loved topics for all of us Indians. Each one of us across the country and the rest of the world are extremely interested in knowing the details regarding Bollywood, especially about the number of films to be released each Friday. Friday is the most awaited day by all the Bollywood fanatics as all the film’s release on this day of the week. It is the most looked upon day by the critics, actors and above all the crazy Bollywood fans. Bollywood Breaking News spreads like fire among every ardent Bollywood fan.

Latest Record Breaking Bollywood Movie

The latest movie to break many records is the film Sanju which was released on the last Friday. Sanju is the biopic on the life of the superstar Sanjay Dutt. The Rajkumar Hirani film is loved by all Sanju fans and have been a huge hit at the box office. Ranbir Kapoor has done a remarkable role as the actor Sanjay Dutt and the stark similarities between the real and reel Sanjay Dutt is highly commendable. Ranbir Kapoor has not only proved his acting skills to the audience once again but also has broken many records.

All Time Bollywood Hits

Bollywood is known to produce some of the biggest hits of all time. Movies like Dilwaley Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge, Three Idiots, Chakde have been blockbusters of all times. There are many such movies that have witnessed record breaking success and are watched even after so many years of their release.

Movie Promotions

More than the awaited movie release it is the promotion for the upcoming movie that creates a buzz among the fans. Bollywood is known to promote their movies aggressively at every given instance and are known to go out of their ways to garner attention for to be released movie. Promotions have hit an all new level with the entire star cast of upcoming movies promoting excessively about the movie at every given instance. is a website which gives all the details about the Bollywood actors and their lives. It is an authentic source for instant Bollywood updates. One can gain access to the latest fresh updates from the inside of the Bollywood industry.

Affair and relationships are a constant hot topic in the reigns of Bollywood. One can see the famous break up and link up stories of the Bollywood stars every now and then. The media keeps us posted regarding all the updates of the Bollywood relationships or the many affairs of the superstars.


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