Bollywood Box Office collection

A complete Bollywood Box Office collection Guide for Beginners

Today, Hindi Cinema has been a very popular master piece of drama, music and entertainment. In very rare circumstances, a person is unaware about its undisputable progress, since past century! If you are one of those enthusiasts, who wish to understand about India’s unique and appreciated way of filmmaking and know about the latest Bollywood collection, you have landed on the right page!

What do you understand from Bollywood?

The term Bollywood has been associated with Hindi film industry with past century or so! The foundation of Bollywood has been laid in the financial capital of India, the Mumbai. The city is known as Bollywood, since, it’s a perfect combination of both different flavors of Bombay and Hollywood. The complete credit of referring this city as Bollywood, goes to a western journalist in the year 1970’s. Although, many of us take it in a very negative manner, since it implies that the Hollywood somewhere has a better performance quotient, as compared to its Hindi version. However, Indian film industry is proud to declare that its annual performance is way better than Hollywood, and has million of fans across the globe. Moreover, we Indians should be proud to know that Bollywood in 1 year older than Hollywood.

Another question that may arise in the minds of people, who wish to know more about Bollywood and the latest Bollywood collection is that whether all the Indian cinema are produced by Bollywood itself?

Then it is also to be acknowledged that Bollywood is one of the most popular film industries of India, since it is being released in its national language. Apart from which, there are various regional film industries as well that are functional in their own languages, such as Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, etc. Along with being language specific, these industries are also location specific; for example, Tamil films released in Kodambakkam district of Tamilnadu are being referred to be as Kollywood, similarly that of Malayalam language cinema released from the state of Karnataka is being called as Mollywood, etc.

Apart from this commercial section, India has also been acknowledged for its considerable progress in art films, which is being identified to be as parallel cinema. The coordination between the two verticals that is commercial as well as art cinema has been very commendable so far and has been accoladed by US as well.

What is the biggest difference between Hollywood and Bollywood?

The concept of exhibition of masala movies has been invented through Bollywood. For common people, who don’t understand the meaning of masala, it can be referred to be Indian spices. Accordingly, since past couple of decades, an emphasize of various directors and producers of Bollywood have always been on releasing masala movies that has a perfect blend of all the flavors of Indian culture, such as drama, comedy, romance, action, villain etc.; with an ultimate goal is to offer complete entertainment to the viewers. In comparison to which, Hollywood film industry is more focused on showing reality.

However, ultimately you should not be bothered about whether its just a drama or a reality; what you should always be known is about the latest Bollywood collection.


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