Before Telling Salman Khan Bollywood Worst Actor, Google Should Know Some Fact About Superstar Of The Country

Salman Khan Performing at An Award Night
Salman Khan Performing at An Award Night

Salman Khan is termed as the Worst Indian Actor by Google. Well, It was not a survey or any award given by Google. It was a search on Google. When people search the Keyword “Worst Indian Actor”, Salman Khan name was on the top spot. It was a google algorithm who works based on tagging and sharing. Salman Khan who is one of the top stars of India since last two decades has an immense fan following but at the same time he also has a lot of hatters who like him neither as an actor nor as a human being. So they keep tagging him for the keyword like “worst Indian Actor”.

Well, things turned grey when Salman Khan fans took it very seriously on social media and supported Bhai Jaan. Salman Khan fans tweeted in his defence and tell Google the track record of Salman Khan from last two decade.

But there is something Google must Know before displaying his name on the top spot while searching “Worst Indian Actor”. He is not a newborn star who got star status a year before or some years before. He is the man who is in the top list for the last two decades. Here are some facts which Google should know about Salman Khan:

  1. Salman Khan is the only Bollywood Actor who has 10 Biggest Hit for the separate year.  Shahrukh Khan(5), Aamir Khan(6) and Amitabh Bachchan(4) are not even close to him.

2. Salman Khan has the maximum Blockbuster in his career in the history of Bollywood. Now the counting reaches up to 18.

3. He is the only star who can give back to back blockbuster films in a row. He had Blockbuster in a row after Dabangg(2010).

4. He is the only big star who releases two films a year most of the time and his movies crosses 300 crores marks at the Indian Box Office.  Aamir is the only one contemporary whose movies are doing the business of 300 crores but he releases one movie in two years.

5. He hosted the maximum number of seasons for any reality show among all the Bollywood Stars. He hosted two seasons of Dus Ka Dum and Eight seasons of Bigg Boss. Both reality shows became synonyms with Salman Khan’s name. When he had fallen out with the producer of Dus Ka Dum in 2009, they were not able to replace Salman Khan with any other star. Finally, Salman Khan is hosting the third season of Dus Ka Dum after a decade.

6. Salman Khan is the only star in the industry from last one decade, who is on the top Google search in India. In Google search, he is beating the Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi who has become an International Leader.

7. Salman Khan simultaneously running his charitable foundation Being Human and keep promoting it all the time.

8. He is the only big star who performs on the maximum number of awards function in a year.  Not even a single star of his age perform on the all the award function. Ony Sharukh is the one who hosts one or two award show.

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And the most important thing, he is doing all these things at the same time. He is not doing it for one, two, three or five years. He is doing it for last two decades. So the worst actor cannot be pulled it off. If you will be put it in this way that leaves worst actor, even the best actor cannot be pulled it off what he is doing.

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Salman Khan has a huge fan following across the globe. So Salman Khan fan defended him against Google search as the worst Indian actor. Here are some tweets in his defence.

What do you think about Google search on Salman Khan as a Worst Indian actor?

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