Bajarangi Bhaijaan close to $50 million in china market : Huge success

Bajarangi Bhaijaan bollywoodtower
Bajarangi Bhaijaan bollywoodtower

Bajarangi Bhaijaan which was ahuge success in Indian and overseas market with a gross collection of 650 cr . Now it got released almost after a year in china . As china is a huge market and has around 40,000 screen . Movie was promoted properly with the proper technique . As salman khan is not a huge star in china like he is in india , so movie was promoted on the base of Aamir khan who is a humongous star in china .

But how ? how it got promoted on the base of Aamir khan . You guys remember the video in which Aamir khan was crying after watching Bajarangi Bhaijaan when it got released in India. Yes exactly that video in which he was using towel to remove the tears in his eyes . That video was promoted in china on every online portal .

Well it helps the movie to take a huge start and it took huge almost equal to  Dangal and below the secret superstar . Movie collected decent $14 million dollar in its first week . As the movie was recieving positive word of mouth ,so it sustained well during weekdays .

In the second week it had tough fight with a local movie and a hollywood movie but still it sustains well and movie crossed $25 million marks in the second week . When movie sustained well in its third  week it came as surprise as it was sustaining against two big releases .

At the time of release it was expecting to cross $30 million dollar marks but later prediction reached to cross $40 million dollar marks .

well now at the ends of 6th week movie inches closer to $50 million dollar which is huge benchmark it crossed which never could thought off .

Bajarangi bhaijaan will touch $50 million marks in the coming days .If not it will miss it by few number . well its a huge success . Now it will help to open the chinese market for hindi movies .

It was salman khan first release in china and he is not famous star like he is in India . So its a good news for Bollywood that his domestically biggest star open a new market for himself in china. As  is much bigger market than India . In india our biggest event kind of movie used to get 5000 screen . In china a big movie used to get 30,000+ screen . Now this is huge margin for any films to get that much screen on its release date.

Lets see what happens in the future . As of now its a good sign for hindi film industry .

what you think share your opinion in the comment section .

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