Bahubali 2 will release in china on May 4 : Tough competition with Hollywood Release

Baahubali 2 bollywood Tower
Baahubali 2 bollywood Tower

Bahubali 2 broke all records at the indian  box office . It is highest grosser in all languages including hindi , tamil , telugu , Malyalam and Kannad.

When a hindi dubbed film who has no face value cross the box office figure of bollywood most appreciated film Dangal , it could be surprise for any one.

Bahubali 2 did this magic everywhere. Bahubali : the beginning was the first indian film to cross 1000 cr. The chinese market played a crucial role  to achieve this benchmark .

Now Bahubali 2 cleared the theatrical release in china . It is set to release on 4th May 2018 .

Bahubali 2 is highest grosser hindi dubbed film. It has a huge target of 1800 Cr set by Dangal . China is a huge market for any film . As it has more than 50,000 screen space . If a movie has a wide release , it will get around 30,000+ screens .

Last hindi film which released in china was Bajarangi Bhaijaan . It released in 9000 screens and collected around $50 million dollar which is approx 300 cr.

Bahubali  is a well known brand in china just because of its first installment . So the Chinese distributor will try their best to give its as big release as possible .

Tough competition from Hollywood Films 

when Bahubali 1 released in china , there was no other big release . But this is not the case with Bahubali 2 as some big hollywood film set to release on the same day .

Deadpool 2 , Avengers:the infinity war , Solo :A star war story are some big hollywood film which set to release around the same week . Deadpool and Avengers are the series of some blockbuster film in the past . they have their own audience . So the fight for Bahubali 2 will not be easy .

If a new hollywood film release in any market , thats a different scenario , But if a well known franchise film released , thats a different scenario all together .

Deadpool and Avengers are the big franchise in world cinema. Bahubali 2 is also a franchise and had one successful film Bahubali: The Beginning but this is not as big franchise as Deadpool and Avengers .

well the competition is tough but China has huge number of screens . so there should not be problem of getting good space as far as screen count is concerned .

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Rest depend on the audience ,how they will accept the film . In the tough competition among big franchise , word of mouth plays a significant role after the first weekend .

Bahubali 2 got positive review across the globe . So this the plus point as the positive review plays a crucial role for any film in the long run . To collect good number at the box office , movie must sustain well for 4-5 weeks .

Rest will decide on 4th May , when it will release in china .

Movie is directed by famous director SS Rajamouli.

Bahubali :The beginning , PK , Dangal , Secret Superstar and bajarangi Bhaijaan are some of the film which opened the chinese market for the hindi films .

Bahubali 2 will add some more positive points for the Indian film industry in chinese market .

What you think , Bahubali 2 will able to give tough competition to the hollywood big franchise films like Deadpool and Avengers ??

Will Bahubali able to cross the magical figure achieved by Dangal and secret superstars in chinese market ??

share your opinion in the comment section .

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