Alia Bhatt has advice for Aspiring Actors Who Face Casting Couch in the Industry

Alia Bhatt Casting Couch Bollywood Tower
Alia Bhatt Casting Couch Bollywood Tower

Casting couch has been the debatable issue all the time in the Hindi film Industry. Over the years, many actors discussed it openly, some tried to avoid it as it is a very sensitive issue. Recently Saroj Khan openly accepted the fact that yes it does exist in every industry including Bollywood. But she supported casting couch by Quoting “Industry at least give them livelihood”. She later apologised for her comment. The actors from the current slot like Ranbir Kapoor avoided the issue when he was asked during Sanju Trailer launch. Some actress who is extremely successful now but faced it in the past told their stories with full brave so that the issue could be resolved. Alia Bhatt Responded the issue recently.

In a recent interview, Alia Bhatt faced the same questions on Casting Couch. she responded to the issue in a very sensible way and gave a gentle tip to the aspiring actors who face it. she said-

Casting couch has become a burning issue from last few days. When we discuss it, it creates the negative environment around us. As everyone has a different opinion about it. So some agree with the statement and some do not. When some cases come out from the industry, people around us feel that industry is bad which is not the case.

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she further added-

I have not faced it. But I know many aspiring actors during their struggling days go through this problem. Everyone goes through their own battle of struggle to fetch the work. During their struggle, some people from the industry use them as their benefits but it does not mean the whole industry is bad. I think it is a universal problem and we should use our head properly if we face it.

She further adviced the aspiring actors. You should believe in yourself. But still, if you are confronted with casting couch, you should immediately tell to your parents and should go to the police to complain against the culprit.

Well, nowadays Alia responding the sensitive issue with her active head. There was a time when she used to laugh on the social issue. Success taught Alia a good lesson to handle the questions on the sensitive issue.

What do you think about Alia Bhatt’s Advice to the aspiring actors?

Do you think Casting couch only exists in Hindi Film Industry?

share your opinion in the comment section.

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