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Akshay Kumar known as khiladi of Bollywood .He is not only khiladi in movies ,he is also the khiladi of love affairs .Akshay had a very long list of his love affair in bollywood .Most of his love affair with the top actress of that time .His khiladi ,tall ,handsome look made crazy and force many top bollywood actress to fall in love with this khiladi of bollywood . Here is Akshay kumar Long list of  Girlfreinds in Bollywood.you are reading this article on BollywoodTower

Akshay had most of his love affair before getting married to Twinkle Khanna. Even after his marriage with Twinkle khanna ,he had long lasting love affair with the top actress of that time.

So here is the list .One by one we will introduce akshay kumar alleged girlfriend –

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1  Ayesha Jhulka

They were first time paired in the movie Khiladi . Khiladi which was a romantic love story created another love  story on the set . News were coming from the set of khiladi about their affair .

Khiladi was a big hit and they were together for 2 years in relationship .Later she got married to busniessman sameer vashi .

akshy kumar and Ayesha
akshy kumar and Ayesha

2. Rekha

Rekha and Akshay affair started on the set of Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi .

well Rekha was very serious about Akshay but Akshay did want to marry Rekha because of age difference.

well this affair ended with the shooting of the film.


3. Raveena Tondon

well his affair with Raveena Tondon was a big hit .This love affair was superhit both on screen and off screen .Raveena who was the top actress of  that time  .she was hot ,sexy and his bold look in the  movie already made her fan base very strong .

well they were almost opne about their relationship and they want to marry also .

But it did not happen and Raveena put blame on shilpa for their break up . she still thinks she was the only reason she broke up with Akshay.

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akshay-kumar-Raveena Tondon
akshay-kumar-Raveena Tondon

4. Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa shetty is the next top B-town girl on our list . As Raveena caught both of them red handed .

well whatever hapened with Raveena ,same happened with Shilpa. Shilpa and askhay both wants to marry but shilpa thinks Twinkle was the reason for her break up with Akshay .

Shilpa some times even claims that Akshay kumar used her .Akshay never comment in the public about shilpa comment of using her .

5. Twinkle khanna

well after the break up with Shilpa ,Akshay affair started with Twinkle Khanna . After being in a relationship after 2 years and 1 year live in realtonship decide future for this jodi.

They got married and this jodi is considered as one of the most successful marriage couple .

akshay kumar twinkle khanna
akshay kumar twinkle khanna

6. Priyanka Chopra

But Khiladi being khiladi was not stoppable even after marriage . Next girl on Akshay kumar list was Priyanka Chopra .

In the movie Andaaz , they had very intimate scene in the movie . As Akshay was married at that that time so he was little secret about this relationship.

Priyanka who was trying to make a space for her in bollywood . And people on the set reveals that priyanka  took the first step for this relation. she offered everything to akshay . she only wants to be in the news at any cost  and she got   success in it .

But this news was  hurting Twinkle khanna . After so many news about Akshay and Priyanka affairs , Twinkle asked Akshay not to sign any film with Priyanka .

After this they never worked together .

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