Aamir Khan on the way to be the Biggest star in the world.

Aamir Khan

Aamir khan and good content are co-related to each other . He proved it over and over again .But now  this content driven image of Aamir khan making china a big market for his films .you are reading this article on BollywoodTower


Since his last movie Dangal broke all the previous record at the boxoffice in china .It collected around 700 cr Gross at the chinese box office .After the success of Dangal a famous magazine of china declared him the biggest star in china

Now his another home production Secret Superstar also released in china and it opened with a bang .It collected around 35 cr on its first day which is far ahead of its indian collection .

you are reading this article on BollywoodTower

Where other superstar  of India (Salman khan and sharukh khan )not even able to release his movies in china because of chinese restriction.Aamir khan not only able to release the movie but also shattering  box office records in chinese market .

The way audience accepted him as an old man in Dangal ,its pretty much clear that he is on the way to be biggest star in th world .

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Importance of china business-

As India and china are the most populated country in the world and their business has lot of impact in total collection of a movie .He is also leading the US ,canada ,australia and eupropian market as well .

But Leading in the chinese market creating a huge impact on his star power .The way he pulled the crowd in the theatre in case of secret superstar is unbelievable.He has only the guest appearance in the movie . His face on the poster of the movie helped a lot to do great business in china.

His movies like 3 idiot ,Dhoom3 ,PK ,Dangal .whenever they released they become the biggest grosser of all time .

So is it right to say that he is on the way to be biggest movie star in the world.

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