2.0 First Day Box Office Collection: Thursday Collection Early Estimate

2.O Poster Featuring Akshay Kumar
2.O Poster Featuring Akshay Kumar

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2.0 had decent occupancy in the Hindi market. Down the south, the movie had an extraordinary start and it is much better than north India. 2.0 had occupancy of 40-50% in the morning shows which is good and it was in the range of 50-60% in the afternoon shows. Well, the movie was expected to open a little better than the movie actually opened on its opening days.

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Well, this is the best occupancy the movie had in the single screens which are going to work for the movie in the long run as well. Oone more plus point for the movie that the movie had positive word of mouth which will help the movie to get the good jump over its extended first weekend. As per the current scenario, the movie is looking at 20 crores plus first day which is not the great but it is definitely good if we look at the dubbed movie. The decent figure of 20 crores plus in Hindi market is coming just because of the Akshay Kumar factor.

The final figure are yet to come as it will be interesting to see how much jump the movie will get in the night shows. If the night shows will get good occupancy, there are high chances for the movie to get a better number on its opening day.

Have you seen 2.0 in theatre? Let us know your review in the comment section. Akshay kumar or Rajinikanth whom you liked the most in the movie? Your pointof view on the VFX of the movie on which a lot of money has been spent? Let us know in the comment section.


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