Why Aamir Khan did not attend award function : Here is Truth BollywoodTower Exclusive

Aamir khan boycott award show Bollywoodtower
Aamir khan boycott award show Bollywoodtower

Aamir Khan the star who used to love live performances in the award function.He even used to love accepting award for his deserving performances.

This is something which we are not saying , this is something which Aamir said in an interview.

But then what happened ??

Why Aamir Khan officially said he does not believe in  all these award events ??

Here is the Reason Why Aamir Khan did not attend any award show since 1995

In 1995 Aamir khan Rangeela released . Movie was not only commercially success but also crtically acclaimed.

Aamir khan performance in the movie was much appreciated. He actually delievered great performance as a munna in the movie .

So what happened next ??

At that time there was only one award function filmfare . He was approached by filmfare to perform on the award function .

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But when manager of Aamir discussed about the fees of performace .Filmfare team said – they will give him best actor award in return.

When Aamir khan manager conveyed it to Aamir khan . Aamir said – If I actually deserve the best actor for my performance then only give it me . As far as stage performance is concerned he will charge for his work .

After one month award night happened and sharukh khan won the best actor award for his  performance in DDLJ.

Aamir khan boycott award Bollywoodtower
Aamir khan boycott award Bollywoodtower

After this Aamir never attend any award function .

Well at that time no body believed Aamir and everyone called him arrogant .

But now when everything is clear and even many star accepted on camera that they bought so many award .

Even sharukh khan said in one award night that he bought 90% of his awards.

What you think about Aamir khan , he was right or wrong ?

Share your opinion in the comment section.

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