Veere Di Wedding Masturbation Scene Sparks Controversy Across India

Veere Di wedding Masturbation Scene Controversy
Veere Di wedding Masturbation Scene Controversy

Bollywood female comedy “Veere Di Wedding” featuring some scene of swearing, drinking and casual sex released last week. The movie is getting mix response from the audience. But some scenes in the movie are creating embarrassment in the theatre as per social media reports. The Masturbation scene in the movie divided the audience on social media in their opinion.

One guy who tweeted about the movie hundreds of times criticised the movies by saying he was embarrassed in the theatre when the masturbation scene came as he was sitting with his grandmother. Tweets like this who were against the movie’s theme for a girl’s character took the social media on the storm. Even the media houses in India seemed divided in their opinion. Some media channel support the Swara Bhaskar’s character, calls it women empowerment but some criticised it badly.

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The one particular Masturbation scene has become notorious on social media and Indian Press.  The Indian press like Indian Express and NDTV India stood by the movie’s theme.

Indian Express quoted- It is a fun ride and some scenes like drinking and open sexuality are the reality check of our society which everybody does but no one wants to talk about it.

NDTV quoted- It is the need of the hour and this is the right to accept that women are no less than man. If a man can do it and accept it why not women.

But some media houses like CNN-IBN seems against some scene in the movie. They quoted- it is no fun to watch vulgarity in theatre with your family where you feel embarrassed while watching the movie.

All the controversy for the movie in the Indian press boon to the amazing box office collection for the first week. It collected around 40 crores in 4 days. The movie will definitely cross 100 crore marks. The initial controversy after the trailer release helped the movie to get a good opening. Even the film star cast was openly talking about the sexuality on the national television. All the leading lady of the movie were quite open in their opinion. They were clearly in support of having sex before marriage.

Well, every negative or positive trolling of Veere Di Wedding on social media or in Indian Press working positively for the movie. As the crowd is coming to the theatre to watch the movie.

Veere DI Wedding starring Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Swarak Bhaskar and Sikha Talsania. The movie released on 1st June and running successfully in the theatre.

What do you think about Masturbation scene in Veere Di Wedding?

Is it vulgar to portray the reality of our society on the screen which Hollywood doing for years?

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Share your opinion in the comment section.

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