Sanjay Dutt Biopic Sanju Poster : Ranbir Kapoor as Sanjay Dutt in Different Phase of his life

sanjay dutt biopic sanju bollywood tower
sanjay dutt biopic sanju bollywood tower

Sanjay Dutt Biopic titled Sanju teaser released last week . In the teaser different look of sanjay dutt has been portrayed . Sanju teaser made in the same concept like PK . But Ranbir Kapoor as sanjay dutt is looking damn good . He adopted the  sanju look gracefully . He is looking adorable as sanju .

when you do the biopic of a celerity , its very difficult to make people believe that you are actually that character . Ranbir did it with full conviction .

Genius film maker Raju hirani know everything about audience pulse . He is releasing a different poster every day . Now with these three poster which he released in last three days ,he created this image of sanju in people mind .

Slowly slowly he will put this image of sanju and Ranbir kapoor as sanju in people’s mind.

After one month when audience will go in theater , it will be easy for the director to convence the audience reel life character as real life character .

This is something which you can expect from genius like Raju Hirani .

First he released the poster of sanju with grey hair and nasty look .

ranbir kapoor sanju bollywood tower
ranbir kapoor sanju bollywood tower

Then he released the poster of sanju famous dress during court trials – man in jeans with blue shirt . Sanjay Dutt always considers blue shirt lucky for him – He admitted in an interview .

ranbir kapoor sanjay dutt biopic bollywood tower
ranbir kapoor sanjay dutt biopic bollywood tower

Now yesterday he released the 90s look of sanju with long hair and flaunting great body without shirt .(Featured image of the article which is in the beginning of the article )

As I mentioned earlier , now it looks more convencing .

Well more than a month to go to the  release of the film .

With every single poster , hype of the film is getting bigger and better .

Trade expert and people from the industry considering sanju as the milestone film for Ranbir kapoor career.

Ranbir kapoor is going through tough time of his career . He had only flops in last 3 years . His performance always appreciated but movie did not work out well at the box office .

Movie is slated to release on 29th June 2018 . movie is produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra fims , Rajkumar Hirani films and fox star Hindi .

Movie is directed by Raj kumar Hirani and written by Raj kumar Hirani and Abhijat joshi.

What you think sanju will be the biggest hit of Ranbir Kapoor carrer ??

What do you think about Ranbir kapoor look as sanjay dutt ?

Share your opinion in the comment section .

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