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Salman Khan Biography bollywoodtower
Salman Khan Biography bollywoodtower

Salman Khan Biography -Salman Khan is one of the most famous actors in Bollywood. He worked in the most successful film of all time. From 2009 to 2018 he gave around 14 blockbuster films. Salman Khan who is in the greatest phase of his career. when you can see salmania everwhere .we brought some interesting fact about his life in Salman Khan Biography. Read and enjoy the fact related to Salman Khan.

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Name– Salman Rashid Khan

DOB–  27 December  1965

Horoscope– Capricorn

Address– Galaxy Apartment, Bandra, Mumbai

Family– Salim Khan (Father), Reshma (Mother), Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan

Debut movie –Maine Pyar Kiya (1989)

Favourite Director– Suraj Barjatya

Hit Movie–  25 hit (Till Date)

Favourite Actor–   Dilip Kumar, Dharmendra

Favourite Actress– Hema Malini, Katrina Kaif

Love Affairs– Sangeeta Bijalani, somi Ali, Aishwarya Rai, Katrina Kaif, Daisy Shah

First crush–  a school girl of his class, he never takes any famous actress name as his first crush

Marriage– Single

The turning point of life

After Chinkara case in 1999, the problem started in his life after that break up with Aishwarya Rai, Vivek Oberoi famous press conference against Salman Khan, Hit and Run case. He came controversy favourite child. He tried to change his image by starting a charitable foundation Being Human in 2009. Now he is out of almost all problem and his superstardom is ruling both a movie and TV shows.


The turning point of career

Dabangg (2010) was a huge turning point in his career. Since Dabangg, he has only   1 flop(Tubelight )  in 8 years.

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Hobbies– Painting, swimming, Horse Riding

Inspiration– Sylvester Stallone S

Down phase– 1991-1993 ,200-2003 ,2006-2009

Best phase– 2010 -till date


Famous Chinkar case, Link up with Aishwarya Rai, Fight with Vivek Oberoi, Hit and Run case, Slapped Subhash Ghai, Fight with Shahrukh Khan at Katrina Kaif Birthday Bash

The biggest hit in his career– Tiger Zinda hai (335 cr)

Fees per film– 60 cr per film, he also takes share in profit.

Cinema experts point of view on salman khan’s survival in Bollywood

Every star has lovers and haters that is why he become a star. No different with salman , he also has fans who give him unconditional love. He also has haters who criticise him at every point . They criticise him on his average acting , his controversial life.

Salman khan achieved the kind of stardom which only a few stars achieved this kind of stardom . His fans thinks he deserves all success. They defend him on every point. Even in all the court cases his fans always stood by him. They think bhai should not be trouble as he is a good peraon . He helps people without expecting anything in return.

But his critics thinks all these court cases and his controversial personal life is the main reason of his survival and stardom. They claim all the court cases which he is facing put him in the lime light every six months .

For an actor, it is very important to be in news all the time . And all these cases which people think trouble for salman is the real tonic of his survival in the induatry despite his average acting skills.

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But people who love salman in the industry thinks his movies always made money . Producer never lost money on his movies that is the only reason people gets work in the industry.

This is not only the best phase of his career but people in the trade considers it the best phase of any hindi superstar . That himself is a great compliment .

Critics of bollywood industry himself admit that here review does not affect salman khan film in any way.

Most of the critics after giving negative review use this line “well this is below average film with the thin story line but it will be a huge blockbuster because of bhai presence .

This never happened to any superstar in the past also .

There was a time when Rajesh Khanna created that aura but that was for short time .salman did it for a decade and it seems it is going to continue for some more year .

Fans celebration with firecrackers on salman khan’s bail in Jodhpur Black Buck case

This is something which amazed everyone . When salman khan convicted in jodhpur Black Buck case and sentenced for five years. He spents two days in jodhpur court . After two days when he got bail and reached mumbai .Fans waiting outside his house Galaxy Apartment welcomed him with burning firecrackers .

This incident forced media to compare this incident with Amitabh Bachchan coolie accident incident .when amitabh bachchan injured while shooting Coolie. He was admitted in the hospital for 15 days . Fans prayed for his life outside the hospital and welcomed him when he came out of the hospital.

Media was comparing salman khan stardom phase with amitabh bachchan phase .

Salman Khan charitable foundation Being Human

In 2009 salman khan launched his charitable foundation Being Human . All the big celebrity came forward to support his charitable foundation . In the fashion shows big star like Aamir khan , Akshay Kumar , Saif Ali Khan ,sanjay Dutt participated to promote Being Human.

All the big actress like Rani Mukherjee , Kareena Kapoor , Karishma Kapoor  , Bipasa , Katrina supported Being Human fashion shows by doing ramp walk alone and with salman khan.

Being Human contribute to help heart patient.

In 2018 the revenue generated by Being Human was 350 crore.

Recently salman khan launched Being Human cycle . He is promoting Being human cycle. He is going for shooting with Being human electric cycle.

They are also promoted in Golmaal Return movie .

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