Rekha Amitabh Bachchan Love story – Some Unkown Fact

amitabh rekha love story
amitabh rekha love story

Rekha  Amitabh bachchan love story is well known and one of the most famous love story in B-Town.How it strarted and how it ended ,we will tell you everything .

How This love Story was Started

Rekha and Amitabh Bachchan love affair started on the set of of Do Anjanne(1976). At that time Amitabh was already married to jaya Bachchan.

Media was reporting -they both were spending time together atone of her friend bungalow. well these were only media reporting which they were denying again and again .


Incident where everybody came to know ,how much Amitabh possessive about Rekha

Once both were suiting for a film and one of the co-actor was misbehaving with Rekha . Amitabh could not tolerate it and he argued loudly with him on the set for Rekha .That was the first time people realized the truth behind their rumored relationship.

After all these happened ,they both were still denying as Amitabh was already married and he was not ready to spoil relation with his wife .

Silsila -Yash Chopra confimation on their Relation

On the set of Silsila ,all three are working together .They were playing the same role as it was going on in real life .Jaya was playing his wife role and Rekha was playing his girlfriend role .

Yash chopra who later admitted in an interview about the relationhip of Rekha and Amitabh said –

“For me it was very difficult to shoot the film Silsila as they were playing the same role as they were in real life .I was confirmed about Amitabh bachchan relationship with Rekha. Even Jaya was little aware .But she was just ignoring to save her marriage .”

After the shooting of Silsila , Jaya called Rekha and told her that she is not going to leave her husband at any cost .whatever you do I wont leave him for any one .

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Reason of their Official Breakup

After this incident Rekha surprised everyone when she came in the wedding of Rishi kapoor and Neetu Singh in full married dress .she had sindoor at her forehead.This brought the attention of everyone to Rekha .

jaya Bachchan who was watching everything ,could not stop her tears and left the marriage ceremony in between.

This upset Amitabh bachchan and it was considered the main reason of ending their relationship.

She later admitted everything publically ,Amitabh never did

After their broke up Rekha openly admitted her love for Amitabh bachchan.

she said in an interview –

He is best man  with uncountable quality i have ever met .I was ,i am and I will always be in love with him for lifetime .she further added- he can do everything in private but can not say anything in public because he does not want to hurt his family ,his wife ,his children .

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Rekha still put sindoor at her forehead by saying it suits me and it looks nice on me . It is a fashion to wear sindoor in the city I belongs to.

amitabh rekha love story

later she married to one businessman Mukesh who later did suicide after the marriage of seven month .

Amitabh never admitted  his relationship with Rekha . Rekha admitted it many times on the live interview .

Rekha not only greet his son Abhishek and shweta very well ,she also show respect for Jaya and whole bachchan family .But Amitabh still avoid her at public function .

what you think about this love story ,who was right Amitabh Bachchan or Rekha ?

share your opinion in the comment section .

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