Ram Gopal Varma fired at Boney Kapoor : Called him Si Devi’s Life Black Spot

ram gopal varma sridevi bollywood tower
ram gopal varma sridevi bollywood tower

Ram Gopal Varma is the one who says what his heart says . He is the man who speak on everything bluntly . He damn care about any powerful politicians ,any celebrity status . Rsmu just say it when he felt it .He has been very negative about Boney kapoor and his family . Reason is his blind love of late actress sridevi . He has been great fan of sridevi for years . He was in love with Sridevi since the starting of his career in tamil industry .

Again he blasted on Boney kapoor . He said something really painful for Boney .He said –

(his statement taken from his twitter account)

He called Boney kapoor the black spot of her life . He said – Boney Kapoor was the main reason of her downfall in hindi films .But she had no options left as he was the only one in her life . That is why I can not complain much about Boney Kapoor. But he was the main reason of her failure in the late 90s – He quoted.

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Ram Gopal Varma showed her love for Sridevi time and again . She made many comments on her in the past also . Once he fired at her family and said –

I saw it during the starting her career in tamil films ,Sridevi was like a flying bird till his father was alive . Her father gave her full freedom to fly as an actress . Then he died and her mother had her full control on the activity of sridevi . She controlled her a bird in cage who can not do anything without her permission.

He further added –

she was overprotective .Her father trusted his relatives and family members. At that time actor used to get paid in the form of black money due to the fear of tax raid . All his relative and family member betrayed sridevi as her fahter died . 

He posted long letter for sridevi on her death . in this letter he expressed her love as a fan , as a lover and as a director . he loved her in every possible way -He quoted in the long letter on her death . He posted it on social media.

what you think about Ram Gopal varma comment on Kapoor family time and gain ?

Is it right to comment on a women personal life who was in happy space of her life with family ?

share your opinion in the comment section .

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