Mumbai High court cancelled Salman khan Bailable warrant in 2002 Hit and Run Case

Salman-Khan-blackbuck-poaching-case bollywoodtower
Salman-Khan-blackbuck-poaching-case bollywoodtower

It seems their is no ending of trouble for salman khan . Before two weeks he got convicted in Black buck case by Jodhpur high court . He was sentenced to jail for 5 years . He spent two days in jodhpur jail unless he got the bail . Now after two weeks another trouble is for salman khan in 2002 Hit and run in which he got free by Bombay high court due to lack of evidence .

When Bombay high court gave verdict in his favor , Maharashtra government appealed in supreme court. well supreme court hearing is still pending but before that Mumbai High court cancelled the bailable warrant againt him .

He was on bailable warrant and his last manager Reshma shetty was his surety. In surety you have to put one person surety and some amount of money you have to deposit in the court which is also decided by court . In case of salman khan court asked to deposit Rs 25000 . So he put the surety of his manager Reshma shetty .

You have to renew the surety at the end of one year . Salman khan was in jail last week and he was not able to extend his surety .So mumbai High court cancelled his bailable warrant .

In Jodhpur court salman khan Bodyguard shera gave his surety . As salman khan and Reshma Shetty parted away as business partner . so she is not giving his surety . Salman khan appeared in the court and put his bodyguard shera surety again .

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well this is something which can be handled by salman khan team as he has plenty of resources to do that. But supreme court decision in Hit and run case is the key point . Many  time it happened when supreme court completely turned down the decision of high court . Like Mumbai High court completely turned down the decision of Mumbai session court , Mumbai session sentenced him for five years and mumbai court completely turned down the decision and declared him not guilty .

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