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Aamir Khan Biography

Aamir Khan who is known as Mr.Perfectionist is one of the most successful star in the bollywood. He showed the world that if you do your work  great with all honesty you will win in the last .No marketing strategy can win your content .

He believes in doing content film .he always listens his heart and just follow that . his success in all unusual bollywood film is the great example of it .He play a boy of 16 years at the age of 44 in 3 idiot. At the same time he plays an old man Mahaveer singh in Dangal .

Aamir khan did so many different character with honesty that its difficult to recognise his original image in your mind .

we brought some interesting fact of his journey .

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Name– Aamir Khan

DOB–  14 March  1965

Horoscope– Capricorn

Address– Hill View Apartment ,Bandra ,Mumbai

Family– Tahir Hussain (Father) ,Zeenat Hussain (mother) ,Faisal khan (Brother)

Debut movie –Qayamat se Qayak (1988)

First crush–  Sri Devi

Hit Movie–  14 hit (Till Date)

Favorite Actor–   Dillip Kumar , Amitabh Bachhan

Favorite Actress– wahida Rehman ,Sri Devi ,Madhri Dixit

Love Affairs–  he had a affair with her second wife when she was assistant director at Lagaan shooting . After that he married to her.

Favorite Director-Mansoor Khan , Rajkumar Hirani

Marriage– Reena Dutta(1988-2002) ,Kiran Rao(m.2005)

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Turning point of life

He has gone through family problem for 3-4 year .He stopped doing movie also .After resolving the issue with his wife and his brother ,he released his movie in 2005 after 4 year break.

Turning point of career

He took Risk in 2001 when he did Lagaan .it was a very off beat film at that that time .After his success he became big risk taker and proved it again and again with Mangal Pandey(prepare himself for 2 year to get original look) , Taare Zammen Par(he entered in the film after interval that was very risky for a star ) , Dangal (he played as an old man)


Hobbies–  Reading Books

Inspiration– His mother is a big inspiration in his life ,he mentioned in many interviews.

Down phase– 1990-1992 ,2002-2005(No movie released because of his family problem he stopped working .His problem with his brother is still not clear .He was abused for domestic violence with his brother.

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Best phase– 2007-2017 (when he released Taare Zammen Par, 3 idiot , Dhoom 3 , PK , Dangal)


He boycotted filmfare in 1995 when he was asked to perform to get best actor award . After that he never attended any award function.

Biggest hit in his career– Dangal (385 cr)

Fees per film– He does not take fees .He takes 80% of profit share

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