102 Not Out Movie Review : First Day First Show

102 not out bollywoodtower
102 not out bollywoodtower

Today 102 Not Out  movie starring Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor released all over the world . Here is the 102 Not Out movie Review after the first day first show on Bollywood Tower

 Director- Umesh Shukla

Star Cast-  Amitabh Bachchan , Rishi Kapoor , Jimit Trivedi

 Movie Rating-  4*/5

102 Not Out Movie -Story Engagement

102 not out movie created a lot of buzz since the release of its trailer . It is a story of 102 year old father and his 75 year old son.

First half of the film is very engaging . It makes you laugh at many scenes . There is lot of argument between father and son which turns out to be very funny . As they both have different point of view toward life . Father who is 102 year old wants to live another 16 year to break the record of most lived person . On the other side his son who is 75 year old sick off from his life .

In the second half movie become more emotional . You will not able to detach yourself from the characters because of their real performance on screen .


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Overall story engagement for a 102 not out is excellent in first half and good in the second half . I will go woth 4 star for story engagement .

Rating of Story Engagement – 4*/5

102 Not Out Movie  –Actors Performance Review

Two veteran actors are playing the lead role in the movie . Amitabh bachchan is surprising every one with his performance with every film he is doing . He did the same with his performance in 102 Not Out. As a 102 year old man he is out standing . His performance is very real and amusing as Dattatraya Vakharia . his character in the movie will make you laugh and cry .

Rishi kapoor is playing 75 year old son and I would say he justified with his character . Rishi Kapoor is also doing experiment with his every films in his second inning . In 102 not out again he proved that he can perform any character with full justification .

Both the leading character performance is very real and it helps the film to be more engaging  on screen .

I will go with 5*  for Amitabh Bachchan performace and 4* for Rishi Kapoor Performance .

Rating of Actors Performances- 4*/5

102 Not Out Movie  – Direction Review

Saumya joshi writing is unique and real .Movie is adopted from the Gujarati play with the same name .

Umesh shukla as a director justified his role . He succeeded to portray the unusual story on screen . He convened the audience with every character of the film .

I will go with 3.5 star for the director of the film .

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Rating of Direction- 3.5*/5

102 Not Out –Music/Background Score Review

Salim-Sulaiman music is average . Both the song “Bacche ki jaan ” and “Kulfi” played in the background . But it helps to forward a story which is very important for the film .

Background score is very good .

I will go with 3 star for the music of salim-sulaiman .

Rating of Music/Background score- 3*/5

102 Not Out :Box office Prediction

102 not out is a family film . Its trailer  already created a buzz for the film . Movies reports are very positive . It is a content film which has positive word of mouth . It will force family audience to folk out in theater .

Opening of the film is very good . Movie will sustain good in the long run due to its content .

Bollywood Tower predicts 65 crore + for 102 Not Out . More precisely we will predict after the first week collection .

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